Women's sport is in the spotlight more than ever before

Elite women’s sport is beginning to gain more traction within the mainstream media and with mainstream audiences. These successes have rightly had a lot of coverage but little of this looks deeper into the significant gender inequality that still exists in sport and the underlying reasons behind it.

We have delved deeper into these biases; what they are rooted in and what the consequences are that have an impact not just on sport but on our wider society.

By speaking to experts, children aged between 7-15 and the broader UK public through a number of qualitative and quantitative research techniques we have produced a piece of sports research that can broaden our understanding of the challenges that women’s sport as a whole faces. We also believe that it can help to accelerate positive change.


This year has seen record breaking audiences across the world tune in to watch women’s sports


This year FIFA doubled the total prize money for the 2019 Women’s World Cup


Main sponsors all promised equal prominence in marketing as their male counterparts


Main sponsors all promised equal prominence in advertising as their male counterparts

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We are passionate about raising the awareness of women’s sport and working with businesses to enhance their position within the market.


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